To Jennis Bay Marina

Jennis Bay Marina

Jennis Bay, like the landscapes it’s nestled in, is constantly changing. Allyson, Orion and Charlie Marie no longer live here year round, but that won’t stop them from being here for at least some of this coming summer. Currently in charge are stalwarts Warren Olver and General Manager Jim Turnbull, who continue to man the cabins and marina docks, helping visitors however needed. Both men are highly experienced, friendly and approachable. They take on each day with pride and enthusiasm. Stay tuned for our soon to be announced summer manager (ess).

Our changes aren’t just happening on the ground. Our website, this one in case you were wondering, will be increasing its scope profoundly and regularly from here on. Should you wish to make moorage or cabin reservations, or anything else – please write to info@jennisbay.com.

And if you wish to reach Allyson, Peter, Jim or Warren, you’ll be able to get hold of them via: allysonallo@hotmail.com, peter.major@mweb.co.za jimturnbull@hotmail.com or info@jennisbay.com.



Choose from a variety of floating or land cabins.


Land Cabin 2


Land Cabin 1


The Bunkhouse


The Big House

Sleeps 2, King Bed, Mountain Views.


Floating Cabin


The “Floating” Big House

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