Life’s short, so be at least a little bit ‘extreme’. And make sure you enjoy every moment.

About Jennis Bay

Jennis Bay is one of the most beautiful, history laden destinations on the Pacific coast. With breath-taking, varied and unique cruising, anchoring and exploring it might possibly be the most beautiful cruising destination in the world. For those adventurers among you unfamiliar with the Broughton cruising experience, we encourage you to not limit your exploration to just Jennis Bay, but to visit and experience the entire community of marinas, bays and inlets in the area. Click through to our Contact Page and discover the true scale of what The Broughtons have to offer.

You may have known us as “Jennis Bay Extreme Expeditions, Ltd.” and by other Jennis Bay names over the years. All of those names and the excitement and warmth still applies. Although the beautiful Jennis Bay still maintains a couple of extreme aspects, most of it is as soft and loving as a new born deer, a sight occasionally seen by visitors. The ‘Extreme’ part is mainly how far people go to get here. By boat, floatplane, helicopter and even a jet. People come from around the world to visit this British Columbia wonderland. ‘Extreme’ is also how seriously we take our company mission. We endeavor to offer our guests the utmost degree of enjoyment with regards to both experiences and memories.

Experiences and memories. These come in many forms. For some, it’s finding a serene and quite place to get away from the pace of a developing modern civilization, perhaps just experiencing a day in the shoes of a modern day trekker. For others, enjoyment takes on a more extreme form. The fun fueled physical challenge of being a modern day logger or maybe a trail runner. How about a mountain biker or kayaker? If you find yourself exploring, there are chances you’ll find treasures and mysterious wrecks. We sometimes even hide a treasure cache marked by GPS for you to find. If any of this doesn’t capture your imagination, you can also traverse the serene surrounding forests by mountain bike, motorbike, kayak or your own two legs and wits. Have a look at our activities page to find out more.

Life’s short, so be at least a little bit ‘extreme’. And make sure you enjoy every moment.

Meet Our Team

Jennis Bay Marina is currently under the care of General Manager Jim Turnbull and Peter Major will be there during season.

Peter Major | President & Owner

Peter Major, born 16 May 1955 in New Westminster, BC to Jerry and Kay Major was moved to the Idaho silver mines in 1961. He returned to Jennis Bay with the whole Major family in June 1976 as his father had decided to return to the Canadian forestry industry and work there permanently.

From Sept 1977 to June 1981 Peter attended the Montana School of Mines where he earned his B Sc Mining Engineering. He moved to the South African gold mines in 1982. In 2004, Peter married Robyn in Cape Town and they visited the then deserted and derelict Jennis Bay (after a 27 year gap) as their honeymoon with his youngest sister Allyson. It was then and there that Peter and Allyson decided to take over Jennis Bay.

Jim Turnbull | General Manager

Jim Turnbull was born in Sullivan, Missouri in 1945 but grew up in Collinsville. He loved playing football, basketball, and track and continued all 3 during his 4 years at Southern Illinois University. Jim went to California in 1965 and joined Uncle Sam’s army as a helicopter pilot in 1966. He did a tour in Vietnam from 1968 to mid ‘69, returning to America late ‘69. He left the service in 1970 and went back to ISU for 2 years before heading to Washington State to fly for a friend he met while in Vietnam.

In Washington, Jim met Willy and they married. He started his helicopter business and he and Willy moved to BC in 1979 where he owned and flew helicopters for the next 20 years. Jim started his 2nd business in 1985 – salvaging cedar, a business he still operates today.

Jim and Willy have three beautiful daughters and six terrific grandkids. They are the perfect people to assist the Majors in welcoming and taking care of all visitors at Jennis Bay, treating staff and visitors like family.

Warren Lee Olver | Assistant Site Manager

Warren Lee Olver was born in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan in 1962. He grew up in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and later, BC. He’s happily made a home at Jennis Bay. Warren is adept on snowmobiles and motorcycles. He also spent 20 years’ commercial salmon trolling, with bouts of oil field and shake blocking work during the winters before coming to BC. Warren got his 1st line ticket in drilling and boiler certification and is now taking full time care of Jennis Bay and all its visitors. He is Jennis Bay’s ‘go-to-guy’.

Dave Parker | Site Manager

Dave is a very well-known local legend in the Boughton’s and Vancouver Island, particularly in cross country running, trail building, dock and log float building. He is very widely known on Vancouver Island, especially the northern part around Port McNeil and Sontula Island. No one can put together log floats like Dave can and does. He’s the size of Goliath, but a truly gentle giant.