Having only been here as new management of Jennis Bay Marina since the end of August, 2011, it has been an exciting and welcoming adventure for us. Arriving just at the end of boating season, Kent and I were enthusiastic to take over this role. Such wonderful people that we had the pleasure of meeting, and so much encouragement from everyone that visited, and so many ideas shared for the future of Jennis Bay Marina.

As fall approached (which I think actually skipped us this year), we were busy with the relocation of the smaller cabin to a spot just above the fire pit. The second task at hand was organizing the “big house” move onto land at a period of high tide in late October. This monstrous building moved right up from the water onto it’s destination without any complications. Many months of planning ahead made it a successful move, and we thank Billy Proctor for his expertise and wisdom in getting this job accomplished!

November, 2011 was such a rainy and stormy month… I don’t recall a full day of calm weather to do much except to work on the laptop contemplating fun and exciting ideas for the next boating season. Kent of course was always busy with continual maintenance of the battery banks, water system, re-wiring, insulating the inside and outside of our winter haven in one of the cabins on land, and the ongoing demand for quality firewood.

December, 2011 surprised us with gorgeous days of afternoon warmth and scenic views while actually sitting in lawn chairs on the dock. A wonderful early winter visit from good friends Barb and Len motivated us to entirely clean and renovate the cookhouse. We knew we were just being teased by the weather, but we’re ready to take on the winter months. And most particularly the planning of a much anticipated and exciting first-time season for Kent and I with former and future boaters!


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